March 24, 2019

Special Announcement from RMBA

A message to members from the Rocky Mountain Buffalo Association:

Dear colleagues & friends,

I wanted to notify you of an exciting change for the Rocky Mountain Buffalo Association (RMBA). On March 3, 2019, our members voted on and approved a motion to change our association’s business name to the Rocky Mountain Bison Association (RMBA).

Our association’s mission is it to promote and preserve bison through education, research and marketing. As we directly represent one species of animal, we felt we had the best opportunity to prevent product confusion by using the scientific term bison.

We do recognize the historic significance of the term buffalo as it relates to our species. Our association is not asking for any of our members to change their business or ranch name, nor are we saying that we do not support the use of the term buffalo.

We have made several changes to accommodate this name change:

With our new name also comes a fully redesigned and enhanced website, geared more toward promoting our members and education of bison.

We hope our efforts to clearly represent the bison will positively impact our industry.


Rocky Mountain Bison Association Board