Board of Directors

RMBA’s Board of Directors volunteer to serve our members. The board meets at least quarterly and communicates year-round to provide leadership for the association and plan upcoming events. The President, Vice President and Secretary are elected annually and directors are elected for two-year terms. The Treasurer is appointed each year by the board. Every year, two director positions are up for election.

2024 RMBA Board
2024 RMBA Board: Director Michael Guenther, Director Greg Nott, Vice President Nicole Jeffries, Director Michael Stanley, Treasurer Patty Smith, President John Graves, Secretary Jen Graves, Director Tiffany Castle

2024 Officers

John Graves
JG Bison
(303) 887-9677

Vice President
Nicole Jeffries
Nilisber Bison Ranch
(303) 995-2783

Jennifer Graves
JG Bison
(720) 891-9360

Patty Smith
Lay Valley Bison
(303) 906-2638

2024 Directors

Tiffany Castle
Castle Bison Co.
(720) 641-0639

Michael Guenther
Quantum Bison And Cattle Co.
(720) 323-9972

Greg Nott
Big Heart Bison/Memphis Ranch
(720) 891-5810 

Michael Stanley
Bison Canyon Ranch
(720) 550-3322

Elections are held at the general membership meeting during the annual spring conference. If you are interested in running for a position, contact Elections Committee Chair Patty Smith at