Board of Directors

RMBA’s Board of Directors volunteer to serve our members. The board meets quarterly and communicates year-round to provide leadership for the association and plan upcoming events. Officers are elected annually and directors are elected for two-year terms. Every year, two director positions are up for election.

2019 RMBA Board Members from left: Larry Higgins, Jen Graves, Tom Stelmach, Patty Smith, John Graves, Nicole Jeffries, Ace Ward, Debbie Thieman & Kyle Stodola.

2022 Officers

John Graves
JG Bison
(303) 887-9677

Vice President
Kyle Stodola
Sunrise Bison Ranch
(720) 364-0835

Jennifer Graves
JG Bison
(720) 891-9360

Patty Smith
Lay Valley Bison
(303) 906-2638

2022 Directors

Tiffany Castle
Castle Bison Co.
(720) 641-0639

Rick Forepaugh
Rocky Hollow Buffalo Company
(308) 235-3214

Nicole Jeffries
Nilisber Bison Ranch
(303) 995-2783

Ace Ward
Brush Meat Processors
(970) 842-9749

Elections are held at the general membership meeting during the annual spring conference. If you are interested in running for a position, contact Elections Committee Chair Patty Smith at