December 1, 2017

Fencing and Bison!

Fencing and Bison! It has been the topic of conversation for many new and established bison ranchers for years. Some say standard cattle wire with 4 strands and maybe add 1 top wire. Others say a slightly down scale version of Jurassic park, including but not limited to a lot of electrical.

At Sunrise Bison Ranch, we figured 5 ½ ft of six strands of wire would handle everything and it did, until our bull calves turn 1 ½ to 2 years old. Like any teenager they love to test their boundaries and see if they can find any weak spots. Well, they found them and our herd of about 20 head got to enjoy a 2 day vacation of sightseeing in Elbert County, with many ranch and farm destinations.

With a small army of ATV’s, UTV’s and trucks (amazing friends and neighbors) we were able to move the herd into a cattle ranch, where we loaded the herd into a couple of stock trailers and brought the mischievous bison back home.

We have now changed our fencing to field fencing. With the help of the tractor and implement, it is very easy to install, however a little pricey. So far we have not had a breakout….. yet!

Author: Kyle Stodola, Sunrise Bison Ranch